Killer Kettlebell Workout

Killer Kettlebell Workout For You


Killer Kettlebell Workout just for you. But wait, aren’t Kettlebells a complete waste of time? There only used in aerobic style workouts right?


If you ain’t incorporating these into your training then you are seriously missing out.


Kettlebells have been around for hundreds of years and have been used extensively by many top athletes as part of their own regime, but how many choose to implement these strange looking unforgiving lumps of iron made famous by the Russians into their training though?


As Pavel Tsatsuline once said Kettlebells are not for sissies, well this is for certain so be prepared to work  with this one.


Here are 3 reasons to incorporate Kettlebell training into your program.


  • Increased work capacity
  • They help strengthen your lower back
  • You’ll develop stronger Glutes
  • You can develop the Hamstrings and Stretch Shortening Cycle
  • Your grip will be insane


Heres Your Killer Kettlebell Workout.


So weight wise you can use what ever you want and what ever is comfortable for you. What you should be aiming for however is as follows

Ladies 16kg – 24kg

Gents 24kg – 48kg


Your aim is to do 10 x 10 of 2 handed swings on the minute, every minute for 10 minutes, your rest period is the length of time you have left until the next minute, I usually get 40 seconds or so.

Now if your just starting out then you might want to start with 5 x 10 and gradually build up the sets and then the weight.


Check out the video below for more information folks, speak soon.



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