Personal Trainer Louth Shows You How To Do A Proper Warm Up

Personal Trainer Louth Shows You How To Do A Proper Warm Up

Personal Trainer Louth Shows You How To Improve Your Performance With The Right Warm Up

At Personal Trainer Louth we see this all to often.

Imagine this, you turn up to your training session, jump on a treadmill for ten minutes then go and hit a huge squat and deadlift session.

Sound familiar?

sadly it is.

In this post our aim at personal trainer Louth is to take you step by step through the protocols we use on a daily basis. These methods are tried and tested, not only that they work.

Right we know you want to get straight into your workout but for us this is as much a part of the workout as the training session its self.

A warm up is exactly that, a warm up.

Warming you body up for the activity its about to do is essential, not only are you prepping your body but you are prepping your mind, your making sure everything is firing on all cylinders, you are making sure that any tight spots are dealt with and taking every step to making your workout a success.

Personal Trainer Louth Gives Your Their Mnemonic

So the Mnemonic we use then is the R-A-M-P method.

  • R, raise your heart rate
  • A, activation of key muscles
  • M, mobilise joints
  • P, potentiate, increase power in a certain movement your going to be doing.

So for our first part we usually do a 5 in 5 warm up, 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest. After this we activate key muscles that are going to be working, for example glutes for a squat.¬† We’re then into mobilising of joints, if you are performing squats then ankles, knees and hips are essential, Lastly we potentiate, so for squats we might perform some bodyweight jump squats or a few sets of box jumps.


Hopefully this helps you get a little more out of your training


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