Performance Nutrition, Your Way To Success

Performance Nutrition, Your Way To Success

Performance Nutrition

Want To Look Like An Athlete? Then Eat And Train Like An Athlete!


Performance nutrition, your guide to a stronger, leaner, fitter more powerful you. So quite simply would you run a Ferrari on cooking oil or diesel? of course not, you’d run it on the most advanced performance fuel going.

Well your body is no different, you will only get out what you put in, if you want a V8 performance vehicle you need to fuel it that way.

Performance Nutrition From Personal Training Louth

Ok so lets get the base 3 choices right.

Carbohydrates  These are found in a variety of sources from pasta, cereal, rice, grains, potatoes, fruit, vegetables etc. they are especially important because they supply your body with glucose for energy.

Glucose is stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen, your energy reserve. During short bursts of exercise your body relies on glycogen to keep your blood sugar levels stable and to maintain your energy.

If you don’t have enough glycogen, you will have difficulty sustaining the activity this will definitely impact your performance! During longer exercise, your body uses your glycogen stores first, then it turns to fats stored in your body to fuel your performance.

Fats, these are not only an essential source of energy but also essential for health. Long gone are the days when we thought that eating a diet low in fat was healthy, not only will doing so decrease performance but it will also stop absorption of some vital vitamins that require fat to be absorbed. Avocados, peanut butter, eggs are all great sources of fats.

Protein, the essential building blocks of life. Don’t worry you don’t need to adopt a bodybuilder diet here, decent amounts of protein are required though for muscle growth, repair. Chicken, beef, fish, eggs and if you can tolerate it milk are all great sources of protein.

Don’t Forget These Performance Nutrition Foods

performance nutrition

Vitamins and Minerals, these provide many key functions to your body. For example, vitamin c keeps your immune system healthy and wards off nasty germs that will slow you down.

Vitamin D along with calcium are needed for strong bones. Now supplementation of these is fine but you can’t beat the real thing, eating a varied and balanced diet is essential for health and performance.

Water, without being properly hydrated you certainly won’t perform at an optimal level. Dehydration can be dangerous, causing dizziness, cramps and make you feel light headed. make sure you stay properly hydrated.


Keys to success

  • Eat a balanced and varied diet will undoubtedly lead to the best performance nutrition, different foods provide different nutrients, Eating a varied diet will not only help performance but also keep you healthy. Eating the same old meals day after day is boring anyway, so why do it
  • Eat regular meals, skipping meals or eating irregular meals will almost certainly hinder performance, imagine being a strength athlete and only eating 2 meals a day, you’d feel pretty weak right.
  • Eat plenty, are you eating enough? remember your trying to fuel workouts and your performance, don’t get caught in the mind set of cutting calories unless you need to make a weight class

What performance nutrition to eat before training?

This depends greatly on the length of time you have, if you have a full day then eating quality wholes sources of food little and often is going to aid you better. leading up to your workout or event then try switching to fruit, this will be much easier to digest whilst your exercising.

During an event or training session then, again I would choose a couple of pieces of fruit, if you are doing a long endurance event be sure to stay hydrated and to also have some electrolytes.

Post exercise/event, Much debate goes on about this but for me simple has always worked best. I tend to have a protein shake with some simple carbs, again fruit works well for me, then providing its not to late in the evening so not to effect my quality of sleep I will have a meal consisting of real foods as listed above.


Until next time, sleep well, move with purpose and eat like a lion!!!








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