The Evolution Gym Louth

The Evolution gym Louth is unlike any other gym in Louth. We are not a large facility that has hundreds of members, in fact we only have small number of gym memberships available. When you join with us you are joining a results based gym that offers you the best. We only take members that are serious about achieving results, those that work with us are focused people who are prepared to commit to their training and achieve the results they desire.

evolution Gym Louth


If you are fed up with busy gyms and waiting for equipment then we are the place for you. We only have 20 gym memberships available, this is to ensure quality of all areas we offer from the classes, personal training and gym memberships. We hate busy gyms and waiting for equipment as much as you.

The Evolution Gym is a results and performance based facility

The Evolution gym is not a machine based gym, we are a strength & conditioning facility that believes in working the basics and removing BS from our industry.

evolution gym louth

Within the gym we offer

  • The largest free weight section in Louth
  • Conditioning equipment, rowers, ropes, plyo boxes, slam balls and more
  • Sled track
  • 3 Squat racks
  • 2 Bench presses, 1 IPF spec
  • Powerlifting
  • A very large selection of Strongman equipment
  • Olympic lifting
  • Bodyweight training
  • Kettlebells to 40kg
  • Dumbells to 50kg
  • Texas bars and more……..



Evolution gym louthSo if you are looking to get in great shape, get stronger or maybe increase your sporting performance then we are the place for you.

The Evolution Gym is completely unique within Louth, if you want to look and move like an athlete you need to train like an athlete and therefore you need a gym that’s geared to delivering you the results you want.

As a member of Evolution you are not just left alone, you will be part of our online and offline support group to get you the results you want and desire.


£25 per month, 20 available (10 remaining)

£15 per week

£4 per session

Call now on 01507 201406  to grab one of our last memberships available.