Fitness Classes Louth, Don’t Do This!

Fitness Classes Louth, Don’t Do This!

Fitness Classes Louth

Don’t Make These Mistakes

New year new you, at fitness classes Louth we always get an influx of people this time of year, every one starts the year off with a massive health kick that well for most with the goals and aspirations they set themselves simply isn’t sustainable.


The typical scenario that we see is everyone strips everything out of their diet much the same as they have done the previous years, they then go sign up to the gym much the same as they have done the previous years.

Now statistics for the health and fitness industry show that 80% of all who embark on this journey have finished training by March, i’d also bet that for most the diet they set for themselves has also gone out of the window.


Fitness Classes Louth

Here’s the Right Way To Do Things For Sustainable Change


Ok lets start with eating, for most cutting everything out of there diet will only end in failure, every thing is stripped out of their diet, all the low quality food has now gone.

Now what happens is they think less is more, carbs and fats usually take a hit causing a whole manner of things to start to happen in the body. Hunger, feeling weak, cravings all creep in and in the end the inevitable happens because its unsustainable.

Fitness classes Louth

What we should be doing is bringing small changes into our eating plans once we have already made something else a habit.

So here’s an example of how simple this can be.

You may be a person who drinks tea and coffee until it comes out of your ears. So you could start with drinking 2 litres of water consistently for a week or 2 and reducing coffee to 2 cups per day.

Another example may be committing to eating a healthy breakfast everyday rather than going without or eating crappy cereal.

Once we have these as habits we can then add more to these to create permanent change.


Training, Fitness Classes Louth

Fitness classes Louth







So much the same then as eating most try to train everyday. For various reasons this is a bad idea for a beginner, now I class a beginner as someone who has a training age of less than a year.

Training everyday leads to fatigue, if you aren’t eating like a lion you won’t sustain it, your shape won’t change and in the end you will just stop doing everything.

Here’s what you should be doing.

Focus on training 3 times a week with quality focused workouts, focus on the basics first. For most the basics is all you will ever need,

  • Barbells
  • Dumbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Movement
  • Lifting
  • Carrying etc……

The list goes on, train like a warrior and you will look like one, avoid loads of machines with fixed movement patterns, Your not a robot!


So there we have it folks, I hope this has been of some use to you and I wish you all the best this year with your goals.


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