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Fitness classes

Fitness classes  at Evolution strength are completely unique to Louth and what they offer.

If you are looking for a performance and results based gym to develop a stronger, faster, more powerful, leaner version of yourself then we are for you.

Our Fitness classes are designed for complete beginners all the way to those who have been training for years.

There is no need to feel like your just a beginner and won’t know what to do, you are coached every step of the way and exercises are always regressed or progressed to suit your level.

We guarantee you that no one will feel left behind or not challenged.

Our Fitness classes are planned to develop you over a 3 to 6 month period, areas covered within this are listed below.

  • Athletic ability, aiding you to be able to move well first & foremost.
  • Power development, explosive power and force development
  • Strength, increasing your maximal strength
  • Muscle building, (toning) improving the way you look

The reason we plan this way is to develop you, we don’t just want you to be all show and no go, you will have a great engine and become fitter than ever before along with becoming seriously strong and powerful.

So if you are interested in what results you can achieve at Evolution Strength and want to achieve an athletic looking body then give us a call and claim your 7 Day Free Trial Today.

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