Children’s Strength & Conditioning

Evolve is our children’s Strength & Conditioning program based in Louth Lincolnshire. Evolve is designed¬†to develop children’s movement, strength, fitness and co ordination capabilities¬†from the ages of 5 years upwards. Our aim is to teach health and fitness to children in a fun and exciting way whilst getting them to grow with their physical capabilities.

Childrens fitness

Children’s Strength & Conditioning Improves Many Areas

  • Movement patterns
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Co ordination
  • Athleticism
  • Sporting performance
  • Confidence
  • Team work and much much more

When it comes to training, children aren’t young adults. They move differently to adults, they are going through massive changes in their bodies both physically and mentally so giving them the right training at the right time is key.

Some of the things we access and take into consideration with the Children’s Strength & Conditioning program is your child’s Peak Height Velocity (PHV)

What’s this and Whys this important?

PHV is the time when your child experiences their fastest upward growth

Before during and after PHV there are certain periods of time where young athletes are particularly receptive to certain types of training (Strength, Speed etc…)

Studies show that for those that exploit these windows of opportunity they can have a greater chance of reaching a higher athletic potential.

So rather than just sticking your child in a gym on a tred mill or putting them on a resistance machine, we coach and encourage your child so they will always progress and develop.


Evolve Develops Mind & Body

fit kids louth

Evolve is a fun way for your child to start to love an active physical lifestyle. In the classes we teach via game based activities and gym work so the children stay focused and engaged, we encourage friendly competition but also place a huge emphasis on team work.

If you are interested in your child or children having a free trial with us and seeing the many benefits that we can offer you then simply call us on 01507 201406.