Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training

Evolutions Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training is a fantastic class for both beginners and advanced people. Within the class you will use a mixture of both kettlebells and your own body to develop a strong athletic looking physique.

What are Kettlebells

Imagine a cannonball with a handle and there you have it. Kettlebells are a simple and versatile tool to incorporate into your training. They have been used for many by soviet special forces, Combat athletes as well as the general public for many years.

Evolution’s Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training Focus

  • Prevent Injury
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Your Fitness
  • To Lose Unwanted Body Fat
  • For You To Build A Fantastic Physique

Why Bodyweight Training?

Bodyweight training is the simplest form of training and yet one of the most complicated at the same time. Many people neglect bodyweight training and its benefits thinking that its to easy and won’t benefit them.

I mean press ups are easy right?


At Our Kettlebell And Bodyweight Training You Will Build Stable Foundations

Bodyweight training should be the foundation of everyone’s training. The crossover between being able to perform bodyweight weight movements and training that involves barbell lifts are huge.

Without a stable foundation Your house will subside!

Can you perform the following?

  • Single leg pistol squat?
  • One arm press ups
  • 10 Dead hang pull ups

If the answer is no your missing out!

If you are interested in the Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training and seeing how we can help you develop then give us a call today on 01507 201406 to book your free two class pass.