How To Do A Perfect Press Up

How To Do A Perfect Press Up

Here’s How To Do A Perfect Press Up

The press up, an exercise many over look, don’t do correctly or simply don’t give it the credit it deserves. In This blog we are going to go through how to do a perfect press up, breaking it down so a complete beginner can get something from it and ultimately progress with their strength training.

The first place to start with building the perfect press up is to actually be able to hold your bodyweight in the press up position. If we can’t do this then without sagging from the lower back or sticking our bums in the air then your not ready to do full press ups.

Key points for this then are

  • Adopt the plank position
  • Hold initially for 10s, gradually increase until you can hold for 30s
  • Squeeze bum checks
  • Brace abs
  • Keep a straight line with your body


Next on how to do a perfect press up

From here then we might move to an elevated press up where we place our hands on a box or wall. The degree of angle we use will greatly depend on your strength, if your not that strong yet just increase the angle until you can perform a full press up.

After you can do this you can move onto controlling the press up on the way down only. By doing this you will work a stronger phase of the press up than trying to keep pushing yourself back up and failing.

Key points here are

  • Lower yourself down to the floor while maintaining braced abs, squeezed bum cheeks and a straight body.
  • Rock back to your knees
  • Adopt a full press up position
  • Repeat

Once you can do this for a few sets of say 10 reps your ready to attempt a full press up. For this then you will follow the same pattern as before. Tight abs, squeezed bum cheeks, straight body and lower yourself to the floor then push yourself back up again.

Check out this video below to see all the demonstrations of how to regress or progress your press up accordingly

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