How To Improve Your Squat

How To Improve Your Squat

Simple Ways To Improve Your Squat

Training legs, a dirty word for some and yet for others it goes without saying. Improving your squat can be challenging but the benefits are well worth it. In this blog post we are going to give you some really simple ways for you to start improving your squat immediately.

Evolutions tips from the top to improve your squat

The first place to start has to be with being mobile enough to actually perform a squat. For many then sitting in the hole at the bottom of the squat isn’t a natural thing to do anymore or a comfortable thing to do.

Our daily lives of to much sitting dictate our mobility and as a result have us performing what looks like a good morning when you hit a road block just above parallel.

So try these stretches to improve depth of your squats.

Improve your squat

  1. Ankle range is key, sit on your ankles with your shins on the floor.
  2. Push the ball of your foot up against a post trying to stretch the ankle the opposite way
  3. Grab a kettlebell, hold it by the horns on the side and squat down, keep your elbows on the inside of your knees. Force your hips out and look up with your chest. Stand up then keep repeating for 5 reps.

Maintain A Level Pelvis To Improve Your Squat

Imagine a bucket of water is filled to the top, tilt it forwards and what happens?

It spills out right

Tilt it back and the same thing happens.

The pelvis is exactly the same, if we tilt forward during the squat then we load the lumbar spine in a compromising position. If we tilt back we do the same.

Now doing this ties in with next couple of points.

Create tension to Improve Your Squat

Creating tension in the squat is absolutely key to lifting a large weight, without tension you will simply fold in half when the weight gets heavy.

Creating tension then has several areas

  1. Screw your feet out and into the floor. Imagine you are screwing your feet into the floor and really creating tension in the glutes.
  2. Pull the bar into your shoulders while squeezing your shoulder blades together, this will create tension in your back.

Breath And Brace To Improve Your Squat

Breathing will help you to create your very own weight lifting belt to protect your back during the lift.

Firstly you need to be able to perform diaphragm breathing rather than shallow breathing. From here I want you to exhale everything until you have no air left inside you.

Now I want you to inhale as much as you can but this time inhale all the way down to your diaphragm. Your stomach should expand like a crocodiles does.

Combine All These To Improve Your Squat

So last thing to do is combine all these together.

  1. Warm up properly and mobilise the areas your going to use
  2. Get under the bar and pull it into you
  3. Breath and brace
  4. Un Rack and screw your feet into the floor

I hope these tips have helped you, as always please feel free to share and I’ll see you next week.