Improve Your Grip With These Simple Methods, Strength Training Louth

Improve Your Grip With These Simple Methods, Strength Training Louth

Develop A Vice Like Grip, Strength Training Louth

In this post strength training Louth will show you how you can develop insane grip strength whilst adding some nice variation to your training. An insane grip has so many benefits to many areas of your training that it can’t and shouldn’t be avoided.

For me then grip training doesn’t have to be a stand alone thing in your training, it can be something you do as part of your training without any extra time or effort. We all lead busy lives and adding an extra 20 minutes to your gym session may just not be an option.

So here are a few ways in which you can improve your grip massively and develop that vice like handshake.

Grip Training With Strength Training Louth

Strength training Louth

  • Rope climbing

A rope can be simple and effective for grip work, it has many ways in which you can progress or regress it for fantastic results.

To Start with then you may just be climbing a rope normally using both feet and hands or even doing inverted rows. Now you could progress to using no feet, climbing with just your hands adds a completely different challenge. If you want to make this harder still you could simply add weight to yourself.

From here then I like to bring 2 ropes into play and climb with one hand on each.

  • Next up is Kettlebell swings

Rather than just swinging the bell though try feeding a towel through the bell. This is a fantastic drill for people in combat sports as the bell is trying to pull out your hands, much like a gi on an opponent in sports like BJJ.

To make this harder simply increase the weight of the bell or hold the towel closer to the end.

And our final one today

  • Bottoms up kettlebell cleans.

By cleaning the bell and finishing bottoms up you are forced to grip the bell as hard as you can in the rack position. If you don’t do the kettlebell will fall over.

You can add loads of variation to this in your training, double bottoms up, bottoms up press, farmers bottoms up

Check out our video below


Give some of these a try with your training

Until next time

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