Louth Bootcamps

Louth Bootcamps are the perfect workout for you to drop those unwanted pounds and get in great shape?.

The aim of Louth Bootcamps is to reduce bodyfat, develop a toned athletic looking body whilst also increasing your fitness levels.  The classes are designed for all fitness levels with progressions and regressions of each exercise so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Your quality of movement is important to us at Evolution. In each of the classes we focus on specific areas to improve your mobility and flexibility. Our aim is to get you physically moving better so as to reduce pain and prevent injury.


Benefits of Louth Bootcamps

  • Healthy weight loss
  • Nutritional advice
  • Online support groups
  • Fun workouts
  • Increased fitness
  • Train with like minded and supportive people

Over time we have had many success stories with our Louth Bootcamps from members reducing in several inches or dropping a few pounds up to people losing several stone.

 louth bootcampsSeveral of our members have gone on to compete in various sports or other activities such as 5k fun runs etc…..


The Louth Bootcamp workouts

The Louth Bootcamps are not your usual boring gym workouts, we train using our whole bodies and incorporate bodyweight training, kettlebells, running, carrying different objects, battle ropes, tyre flipping and much much more.

We guarantee you will never get bored training in this unique way


So if you are ready for a new challenge and want to achieve the body you have always wanted then get in touch today on 01507 201406

We offer a 7 day free trial on all our classes to make sure they are right for you