Movement Matters, Louth Fitness Classes

Movement Matters, Louth Fitness Classes

Louth Fitness Classes

Move – Believe – Achieve

At Louth Fitness Classes we believe movement matters and without it you simply won’t achieve what you should with your training.

Part of our gym mantra is Move – Believe – Achieve, from movement comes belief in what your doing then comes the ability to achieve those goals.

What seems the norm now in the health and fitness industry to me with warm up protocols, recovery strategies and simple mobility routines clearly isn’t the norm to the complete beginner. Many who attend a facility based gym where your left largely to your own devices simply don’t apply these type of things either.

Well in this blog post I’m going to help you stay injury free from as little as 5 minutes a day.

Firstly if you haven’t read my blog post on warm up strategies and how to carry out a proper warm up then read that first. Check it out here

Louth Fitness Classes

Common Problem, Louth Fitness Classes

You work in an office all day being sat down at your desk, your feet haven’t moved properly and your hips are in one position to top this off your shoulders are rounded forward and your head is starting to hang forward like a pigeon searching for food on the floor.

Works now finished and of you go to the gym. Your warm up consists of a few light sets or worse the god awful treadmill and your off into your squat session.

Now comes time for the real work as you start to load the bar up, your knees are winking in, you’ve barley moved due to the weight of the bar and performed a partial squat.

Or the you at least go some depth but now your arse has tucked all the way under to say hello as you get lower.

What happens next……   Injury

What people then say is they can’t squat or squatting is bad for them and it caused them to be injured.

Well I’m sorry but squatting didn’t cause you be injured!!! Your poor daily life did. Through poor movement habits, poor postural habits and lack of an efficient warm up you created that injury.

Louth Fitness Classes show You how to help avoid this in as little as 5 Minutes A Day

So how do you help avoid this?

Well if your sitting all day or have a job that puts you in poor postural habits all day long it is going to be difficult. Imagine you work 5 hours a day Monday to Friday, that’s 25 hours a week not to mention driving and sitting in the evening.

But it can be helped by having a movement routine in the morning, before training and even before bed. You can do certain exercises whilst your working or at least on a break.

In the short video below I’ve put together a short video with a few of the major areas covered to help you improve your range of motion and ultimately to help keep you pain free.

Until next time Move – Believe – Achieve.