Stop Setting Yourself Up For Failure, Louth weight loss

Stop Setting Yourself Up For Failure, Louth weight loss

Quit Making These Mistakes & Start Achieving

Louth Weight Loss

Today at Louth Weight Loss we will show you how to avoid those drop offs that you keep having time after time, week after week and year after year.

Stop making the same mistakes and start achieving your goals and dreams. Simply follow the advice given within this blog and apply it to your eating habits/diets even to your life and I promise you results will come.


Ok so you’ve tried most the fitness BS that’s out there, you’ve had the snake oil salesman sell you the BS pills and potions. You’ve tried adopting a harsh diet and removed everything from your current eating habits only for all of this to fail.

Well now its time to try something that no one else will tell you to do and no one will sell you.

I want you to make the tiniest changes to you current lifestyle habits, because that what they are, habits. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to break a habit but I have, I’ve struggled much like yourself and failed time and time again until I adopted this for myself.

The only way to change things to get the results you want is gradually

Louth Weight Loss explains further

Imagine you don’t eat breakfast, you can’t stomach it or you really haven’t got the time, (I genuinely don’t believe people haven’t got time to eat, they just value other things more) the first place to start then is by making breakfast a habit.

Eating breakfast for now may be a bowl of crappy cereal but at least its something, once we have this as a habit consistently we can then start to change the bowl of cereal for a much more nutritious breakfast.

To do this may involve better food prep the night before, well guess what we just make this a habit in exactly the same way as we have before.

louth weight loss

Now obviously this is going to take time to do, it’s not going to be done in a week or even a month. What we want though is life long lasting lifestyle changes.

Forget buying diet plans or following any fad diets, what you need are habits for these things to stick to.

If you’ve never eaten clean real food for 3 months solid with no slip ups how on earth can you expect to follow a plan based on what a pre contest bodybuilders diet would look like.

Here’s a few ideas of things to make a habit that will improve not only body composition but also your health

  • Fluid intake, you can only live 3 days without water, and in order for your body to work properly it needs to be hydrated.
  • Sleep habits, 7-8 hours every night with quality night time routines. Trust me if your not getting this right you will never achieve what you truly desire.
  • Fruits and veggies, forget 5 a day, go for 10 minimum.
  • Train 3 x weekly
  • Food prep, one main key to your success, if you can watch the crap on TV you have time for your food prep. Make it a priority and a habit.


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