Motivation Is Bull shit, Strength & Conditioning Louth

Motivation Is Bull shit, Strength & Conditioning Louth

Forget Motivation, It’s Bull shit Anyway

Strength & Conditioning Louth Explains Why

At strength & conditioning Louth we think that being motivated is alright but it’s not the real thing that will get you the results you want. Here’s why.

Ok so your on it now right, your extremely motivated and are ready to achieve those results. Guess what will happen next for most, Failure!!!

How do I know this and how can I say this?

Because I see this every January and through stats I see this when people join most ordinary gyms where you are left to  your own devices.

Strength & Conditioning Louth

Probably the two biggest times people are motivated to achieve goals are at the start of the year and when you choose to join a gym. Yet we know that by March the stats show us that over 80% of people who start a new year journey have failed to keep at it and somewhere around the same figure of people who start a gym journey don’t go anymore after the first 3 months.

Now is this because of the type of gyms these people go to where they are largely left to their own devices? I believe it has some bearing on it which is why we operate like a community and members belong to something.

Strength & Conditioning Louth

For most though it is a lack of commitment, motivation is all well and good but it fades.

  • Are you motivated on a Monday morning?
  • Are you motivated on little sleep
  • Cold and dark nights in the winter, are you still motivated?

Why list these?

Because most aren’t motivated at these times.

So what’s the answer?

Becoming committed towards achieving your goals, working on habits that will create sustainable change forever. Commitment is what is needed to keep you going as motivation can and usually does fade at the slightest hiccup.


So with that in mind how do you become committed?

  • Set small goals to achieve, these can be weekly or even daily
  • Find a gym that actually cares and that you can belong to, not being just a number
  • Make things habits
  • Become disciplined
  • and remove distractions that will force you to give up


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