No Excuses Small Group Personal Training

Louth’s Only Results Driven Small Group Personal Training Program

Move – Believe – Achieve

 Small Group Personal Training

Do You Have What It Takes?

 Our No Excuses program is a Small Group Personal Training program for those who wish to see serious change within their physiques and their lives. If you want to improve your health and your fitness this may be for you.

Are You Right For The No Excuses Program?

Can you answer yes to the following questions?.

  • Are You focused and committed?
  • Will You commit to getting results for 3 months?
  • Can you  get up early?
  • Are you willing to do what it takes?


No Excuses Small Group Personal Training

If You answered yes to those questions you may fit our program criteria.


So What can you expect from the program.

The program is a 12 week conditioning program with 3 small group personal training sessions per week. Within the program we work on developing a winning mind set, a mind set that wants to achieve goals and never give up.

We focus on getting you moving well firstly, then teaching you correct lifts and how to execute them with correct form for your safety.

You will be pushed hard to develop the body you want but ultimately you will find it very rewarding.

We only take 6 people per No Excuses program.

This is the perfect program if you are fed up of not getting results or  you are unsure of where to start in the gym.

Concerned it may be to much for you or you lack confidence?

Don’t be, the program is designed for complete beginners as well as those who have trained a while.

Extras and support within the program

You will have weekly food diaries and nutritional support, along with mobility programs for you to follow daily at home.

There are Online and offline support groups

Also included within the program are unlimited Bootcamp sessions (5 per week) and free use of the gym during its opening hours.

The No Excuses program costs £100pcm

Get in touch today if your looking for life changing results, call 01507 201406 now

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